Advanced Business Blogging originally started as an online marketing experiment in 2004 by Deborah Cole and John-Paul Micek. They are partners and co-founders of the leading international business coaching company, RPM Success Group Inc. As experts in New Media Marketing, online persuasion, and Self Influence, they put their opposing styles to work for others.

Deb and J.P. have helped thousands of small-business owners around the world set their own rules in the game of business. And the coolest thing is, they do it all from the most remote island chain in the world!

Now, after more than 5,100 hours of testing, studies, and application, including the authoring of the hit book 'Secrets of Online Persuasion', this site has morphed into much more. Advanced Business Blogging is now the only hardcore New Media Marketing Expose' designed to pull back the curtain of confusion surrounding the use of blogs, podcasts, MySpace, YouTube, and many more Web 2.0 tools. Coach Deb and J.P. take you way beyond the technology to the strategies proven to get results when using New Media to win new business online. Strategies that make the technology pushbutton easy. Strategies that help keep your focus on the Three P's of New Media Marketing Success -- People, Participation, and Persuasion.

Partners in business and life, Deb and J.P. live the ultimate business owner’s lifestyle on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii where they run their business coaching and real estate investment companies by remote control.

It started at the center of the world market

Deborah and John-Paul both were born and raised in the shadow of New York City skyline in New Jersey.

The hustle and bustle of the busiest market center in the world fit them well for a time. Starting in 1994 and throughout the 1990’s they partnered to create a level of financial success in business and real estate that would enable most people to retire comfortably.

But, instead of withdrawing from the marketplace to focus solely on real estate investment, they decided to answer a shared calling. It was a dream that would soon have them risking it all, living on the edge flirting with financial and emotional ruin. But while fighting those necessary battles out on a new frontier, they’d unknowingly create the ultimate small business model for the new millennium.

The journey begins, and a new lifestyle is embraced

the business blogging and podcast lanai After selling two businesses, investment properties, and their own home; they answered that calling and followed their dreams moving 5,000 miles from New Jersey to Hawaii.

This great experiment has resulted in Deborah and John-Paul living their ideal business ownership lifestyle. More importantly — the calling, the journey, and the system that resulted from it — all has uniquely equipped them to help others do the same. Their calling has now come full circle as they help small business owners unleash their full potential, live their ideal lifestyles, and fulfill their entrepreneurial callings.

Over the past five years, the RPM Success team has taken John-Paul’s 25-years of business building knowledge combined with Deborah’s natural gifting in motivation and formal education in psychology to create the only business performance system of its kind.

This simple, scientific system for achieving more power, persuasion, and profits helps business owners maximize their personal performance while making it easy to connect with prospects and win more clients in record time … both online and off-line!

Growing your business from the center of the Pacific, or where ever in the world you are!

business blogging from hawaii

The cool tools of the New Media are important weapons of influence and persuasion in the marketing arsenal of today’s small business owner. It’s what has leveled the playing field with big budget corporations.

But to succeed you cannot get carried away with the technology. It's not enough on it's own. You need to know how to strategically choose and combine the right New Media tools. Building connections, trust, and creating your own Tribe of raving fans is where the power is. And that can only be achieved through online persuasion.

Thanks to blogging, podcasting, and other interactive New Media tools Deborah and John-Paul have been able to rapidly grow their businesses whether they’re at home in Hawaii, at their corporate offices in Nevada, networking in New York, or speaking in Singapore.

If they can use these tools from the most remote island chain in the world to get, keep, and grow more customers — so can you! No matter where you live you can use these same New Media tools to create incredible improvements in your marketing, sales, and management. And with Advanced Business Blogging, Deborah and John-Paul will help you cut through the B.S. bandied about by self-appointed social media evangelists to get the results that count in business.

"We love New Media," J.P. said in a recent interview, "but we're not blinded by a cultish adoration of Web 2.0 that makes it the solution to every marketing challenge. New Media is a powerful ally in winning the hearts, minds, and pocketbooks of millions online. It is a group of addictive two-way communication channels that give marketers, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals leverage like they've never had before in all history. Yet for the smart business person, it is a key player in a balanced click-and-mortar marketing plan." will help you transform your marketing, sales, and management

This site is designed to help you harness the most powerful New Media tools available, including:

  • How to use optimized business blogging systems
  • Creating your own syndicated TV and radio shows with the power of Podcasting
  • Harnessing the power of New Media networks like YouTube and MySpace
  • Automating the viral side of your New Media Marketing with social bookmarks, social networks, and social software
  • And more!

Knowing how these interactive New Media tools fit together is what will equip you to leap-frog your competitors by transforming your online marketing, sales, and branding.

how to business blog around the world
When you understand how to use these tools to connect with prospects, build your list, and make more sales — it will transform the way you do business.It doesn’t matter where in the world you live. Nor does it matter what your industry, profession, or niche is!

A lifetime of invaluable education in online power, persuasion, and profitable action is here at your fingertips. Be the one to take action on your dreams. Learn to sidestep pointless rabbit trails and harness the power of the New Media here at Advanced Business Blogging.

Put to use what you can on your own. And when you’re ready to step your marketing, sales, and management up to a whole new level — consider one of Coach Deb and J.P.’s recommended programs.

For a complete A-Z system that unleashes the full marketing power of the New Media Marketplace check out the BLOG interactive 360™ system. If you'd like to start out a little slower visit the New Media Marketing Resource Center. All these tools are designed BY busy business owners FOR busy business owners.

No matter which path you choose, remember that as an entrepreneur your business is your lifestyle. Make it the best it can be!

Enjoy and Prosper!

For full bio’s on Coach Deborah and Coach John-Paul, see below:


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