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It's a bold new frontier out there online. Blogs, audio & video podcasts, social networks like MySpace, and more!

Like the wild west in the 1800's, striking it rich with Web 2.0 has, until now, been for the few and the bold. Many have fallen on the trail to fulfilling the dream. The dream to harness this raging new power.

The passive observers, conscious of the new lands of opportunity, sit watching immobilized in fear. Afraid to step out and take action, they cower helplessly as they watch the arrows of incompetence slay so many of those who have ventured our before them.

But alas, as is the case with all great cultural revolutions of the past, the vast majority of people sit at home missing the train. Totally unaware of the fact they're being left behind, they sink into an ever deeper pit of ignorance. Until suddenly like being caught in a surging rip tide, without any control or choice on their part, they are helplessly sucked up by the rushing waters of change -- or violently crushed by them.

Now, no matter what camp you're in, there's no reason you (or anyone) should miss out on the untold riches and opportunities waiting for you on this exciting new frontier of freedom.

Finally there's a Pushbutton Easy™ way to harness the power of the New Media Marketplace and get it working for you!

With the BLOG 360™ software and Pushbutton Persuasion™ it's never been easier to seduce tribes of hungry customers and win them over to become self-multiplying crowds of raving fans! Members of your tribe. Loyal friends, followers, and life-long customers.

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You don't have to sit and watch the golden opportunities pass you by. And you don't have to be wounded by the arrows either.

Grab your pass on the only train speeding onto these rolling plains and mountain tops overflowing with growth and opportunity.

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